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CNC - Conseil National Climat

Compensation carbone en France

Technical expert for the Gabonese Republic delegation: informal meetings, African Negotiators Group, G77+China, bilaterals (China, USA).

Member of the falicitation team on Climate Finance (Germany - Gabon).

See our review of the COP here:


CNC - Conseil National Climat

Compensation carbone en France

Implementation of the Gabonese law on sustainable development:

- National Registry and project database

- IT tool to assess projects' impacts on sustainable development

- Analysis of the future market for sustainable development credits.


AAC - Association Aquitaine Carbone

Compensation carbone en France

Design of a jurisdictional scheme to incentivize sustainable forest magement using carbon finance.

Outline of a jurisdictional public-private low-carbon standard, starting with forestry.

ARPE Midi-Pyrénées - Carbone Local

Compensation carbone en France

Local Carbon is a French jurisdictional initiative to use carbon credits as an incentive to plant rustic hedges, devasted by former cadastral reforms.

Our mission especially focussed on environmental integrity and avoidance of any double counting.

Note: see our intervention at French Senate 2014, Sept. 29th.

TSP - The Shift Project

Signal Prix Carbone sur le marché règlementé européen des quotas d'émissions de gaz à effet de serre EU ETS

Structural Reform of the EU ETS: Project Manager, author of two position papers (Market Stability Reserve, and Structural Reform).

Proposal: an auction reserve price, indexed to the price of carbon used by the European Commission to determine the risk of Carbon Leakages (30 euros per ton as of the date of our work). Additional flexibility to be provided by Eu-wide domestic projects.

Note: most of our proposals regarding the MSR have been adopted by the European Pparliament.


Raid ESSEC 2014 - 2016 : CO2 and Water footprint - SMES

Ministère de l'Economie, de l'Industrie et de l'Emploi

Raid ESSEC is an association of 50 students gathering each year 350 participants to a biking  /kayak-ing race.

We help them implementing an internal System for Managing their Environmental and Social Footprint, including a GHG emissions footprint.

Within the next three years, our goal is to reach exemplarity and obtain key labels or appropriate certification.

Benchmark (Europe) - Financing National GHG registry administrators

Ministère de l'Economie, de l'Industrie et de l'Emploi

The Directorate General for Energy and Climate change (French Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy) has nominated Frédéric Dinguirard in order to carry out a benchmark analysis of existing and future financing solutions for national administrators within the framework of the third phase of the European trading scheme (EU ETS): the goal of the study is to provide an overview across the EU on how the costs of national administrators of are paid for via fees charged to account holders or via state funding, in particular in view of the changes occurring in 2013 (50% of allowances auctioned instead of free allocation).

Specifically, we voiced our concerns about AFOLU buffer credits.


Concept Note : toward a REDD+ Registry - World Bank

At the beginning of Summer 2010, we provided a concept note for the World Bank, in relation to registry issues for REDD Approaches.

National and sub-national approaches, accounting consistency (to avoid any double counting), and revenue redistribution into local communities

We encourage a process-based approach under MRV rules, from readiness to operations and performance-based payments.


Capacity building (in French) - African countries

Ministère de l'Economie, de l'Industrie et de l'Emploi