Andal Conseil

- GHG Registries experts

- CO2 Finance

- IT projects management: banking services, investor/custodian services, decisional IT services, Carbon / Environment

- Capacity Building: Carbon finance / projects, sustainable development issues

- Change management, training

CO2 (Carbon) Registries - Project management - Decisional IT


ETS / CO2 Registries expertise - CO2 Finance

Policy, processes, rules, operations and IT

  • Kyoto and Non-Kyoto ETS registries (European Union Consolidated Registry, China Pilot ETS, DRC REDD+ National REgistry)
  • VCS (Verified Carbon Standard) linked registries / Registry System

Ademe Agreement "Bilan Carbone" standard to measure GHG footprint for both Corporate and Jurisdictions.

Training, capacity building services in French and English (other languages possible, with a little delay to learn them, or with subcontractors).

Project management

Your organization aims at a specific goals : implementing a new business process, regulatory compliance, migration / transition...

We know how to lead your projects, coordinate, follow-up and provide a clear and wide vision; we know how to rach your goals in a timely manner. We firmly stay the course with flexibility limited to formerly agreed latitudes (costs, delays, scope or quality). Pragmatic approach, huge workload capacity, with one focus: reaching the goal.

See also our IT Projects dedicated subsidiary :

IT / Information systems

Organize projects, collect business requirements and arrange them in a prioritized and structured manner.

Decisional information system : decision helping dashboards design, datawarehouse design.

Change management, training.